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Our Information Technology (IT) category stands out as one of our most popular, offering comprehensive courses and tutorials that delve into various facets of IT. Enroll today to explore topics such as cryptocurrency, blockchain, computer networking, and server management. Benefit from free classes in high-demand programming languages like Python, JavaScript, and C++, and consider pursuing official certification to elevate your programming career. Our curriculum also encompasses emerging skills like penetration testing, full stack and MEAN stack development, as well as database management.

These courses are meticulously crafted by esteemed IT organizations, including CodeRed (known for premium cybersecurity tutorials), Microsoft (a global leader in software development), the National Institute of Standards and Technology (a division of the US Department of Commerce), and the Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA, a prominent American IT certification group). We collaborate with the best to deliver unparalleled learning experiences.

For those seeking practical everyday skills, we offer guidance on using Microsoft 365, PowerPoint, and even Zoom effectively. Given the prevalence of remote work, staying current with computer skills enhances your efficiency. Our free IT courses cater to learners at all levels, from beginners starting with Microsoft Word to advanced ethical hacking. Registration and course materials are provided at no cost – our aim is to equip you with the tools necessary to acquire valuable skills.

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Introduction To Information Technology For Managers

This free online information technology course for managers will introduce you to the characteristics and uses of IT systems. Effective management and implementation of IT resources have now become routine tasks for many middle and senior managers. This means that a solid understanding of Information Technology is of vital importance for any manager in the modern workplace. Start this free online course today to grow your management skills today.


Python for Beginners

From automating simple tasks and routines to making complex projects and programs, research indicates that Python is the most versatile programming language in existence that you can rely on to solve various problems. This free online course will equip you with the skills needed to become proficient with coding in Python and apply the code in different projects and prepare you for more advanced programming in no time.

Computer Networking - Digital Network Security

This free online digital security training in computer networking focuses on digital network security. Global connectivity is a part of modern life, so it is easy to forget the dangers associated with connectivity, as data stored in cyberspace is vulnerable to data theft. This makes network security skills invaluable. Learn the basics of network architecture, security management and protocols used in modern network security practices.


Python for Beginners

From automating simple tasks and routines to making complex projects and programs, research indicates that Python is the most versatile programming language in existence that you can rely on to solve various problems. This free online course will equip you with the skills needed to become proficient with coding in Python and apply the code in different projects and prepare you for more advanced programming in no time.

Introduction to C# Programming

This free online course on C# programming teaches you about the basic features and functions of programming applications in C# using Microsoft's Visual Studio Express. C# is an object-oriented Microsoft basic programming language designed to help web developers improve their productivity in the development of Web applications. This free online course teaches you about programming applications in C# in a clear, succint, and step-by-step manner.


Introduction to Angular 2

This free online Angular 2 course will introduce you to the latest version of Angularjs, the new features in Angular 2, and the core building blocks of an Angular application. Angular JS is a structural framework developed and maintained by Google and used for developing dynamic web apps. You will learn how to combine those blocks to create easily testable and maintainable front-end applications that are fast and responsive.

ITIL 4 Fundamentals - Essentials of IT Service Management

‘ITIL 4’ is the latest addition to the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) family. As a flexible IT service management (ITSM) framework, ITIL 4 can be tailored to an organisation's specific needs and circumstances by providing a common language and best practices for IT service management. This course lays out the fundamentals of this ITSM framework and explains how to apply for ITIL certification to reap its many benefits.


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